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St Luke's Episcopal Church


We welcome you with open arms!

You are welcome to Worship with us. Holy Eucharist (also known as Holy Communion or The Lord’s Supper) is central to our worship life. St. Luke’s is an inclusive, welcoming, and Christ-centered community of faith committed to creating a deeper sense of belonging with God and embracing others in fellowship.

Wherever you are in your journey of faith, there is a place for you at St. Luke’s. You are welcome to connect with our parish to whatever extent you would like - to worship, support, serve, learn, or meet friends.

St. Luke’s is a faith community which maintains a fairly high-church liturgical tradition and embraces the theological progressive views of the Episcopal Church.  Music is an integral part of our worship experience as most services include sung masses, hymns, and choral anthems.  

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After mass we meet in the undercroft for  coffee and fellowship.

Former Bishop of Chicago, Bishop Jeffrey Lee confirming St. Luke parishioner, Jim Cecchetti

St. Luke's Baptistry

NEWS Coming this Sunday 6/20/2021


  Ideally, when we gather for Holy Communion, Coffee Hour, or any small groups, if ALL those present are fully vaccinated, masks are no longer required nor social distancing. 

However, if you desire to keep wearing a mask that is now an individual decision. But when unvaccinated persons are present we will announce that masks must be worn.   For example, when children are present who as yet cannot be vaccinated, we will wear our masks.   When arriving for church, please advise the clergy of your vaccination status.  

Singing is once again permitted by choirs and congregations as you feel comfortable without masks, but the mixed vaccination status of our members may make wearing them necessary..  

Distribution of communion will continue as currently presented.  Only the host is given with use of tongs into your hands.  Please allow enough space between each other while lining up in the main aisle for the sake of privacy and orderliness.   We are considering sharing consecrated wine eventually but need to work out the details.       

Fifteen months have past when protocols were mandated in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 600,000+ people in the United States have died from the infection.  Thankfully, those in our congregation who were sickened survived.  You are to be commended for your compliance and patience. With gratitude, we pray that moving forward this pandemic will continue to diminish. 



Every year the elected vestry must hold a public meeting of the congregation, normally in January.  This meeting was postpone due to the pandemic.  Now that we can safely gather together, we will meet after the Eucharist on Sunday, 8/4/21.  There will be a boxed lunch served and afterward we will have election of vestry members, a review of the financials of St. Luke’s, and other things of interest to members.  We are soliciting nominations for vestry and wardens.   If asked, please prayerfully consider your response.   There will shortly be a job description available from the office.  



This year the 4th of July falls on the first Sunday of the month.   The book of Common Prayer provides  Collects and Lectionary of Bible readings for Independence Day and For the Nation.  We are permitted to substitute these for those of the Sunday (BCP pg.16).  George Karst, our organist and Fr Rosa are planning music and other activities to mark the occasion.   There will be a Coffee Hour following the Eucharist in the Eells building courtyard weather permitting.   



With the move into Phase Five of Illinois Restrictions, groups may now gather for meetings, study, etc. in our facilities.   We have a good  working relationship with community organizations as well as our own groups and gladly host them.   If you have a club, class, or  organization needed a meeting site, please make application by contacting the office.  there are guidelines to follow.  Donations are gratefully accepted.   



      Wisdom dictates that your leaders monitor the responsibilities we have in caring

for the St. Luke’s properties and contents.  Currently, the rectory is being repaired, bids are out for tuck-pointing and concrete repair, keys and locks upgraded, computer and phone service bundled, and other things needing attention.  Please take notice of the baptismal font cover which has had the wood re-glued, and refinished and the ornate brass finial polished and lacquered.  These things are only partially provided for in the budget and donations beyond your annual giving is appreciated.  The Building Fund and the Memorials Fund  supplement the Budget.    

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