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St Luke's Episcopal Church


We welcome you with open arms!

You are welcome to Worship with us. Holy Eucharist (also known as Holy Communion or The Lord’s Supper) is central to our worship life. St. Luke’s is an inclusive, welcoming, and Christ-centered community of faith committed to creating a deeper sense of belonging with God and embracing others in fellowship.

Wherever you are in your journey of faith, there is a place for you at St. Luke’s. You are welcome to connect with our parish to whatever extent you would like - to worship, support, serve, learn, or meet friends.

St. Luke’s is a faith community which maintains a fairly high-church liturgical tradition and embraces the theological progressive views of the Episcopal Church.  Music is an integral part of our worship experience as most services include sung masses, hymns, and choral anthems.  

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After mass we meet in the undercroft for  coffee and fellowship.

Former Bishop of Chicago, Bishop Jeffrey Lee confirming St. Luke parishioner, Jim Cecchetti

St. Luke's Baptistry

NEWS Coming this Sunday 9/26/2021


 The constitution of the diocese requires that a convention be held annual

to conduct elections to various standing committee, agencies, etc. and approval of resolutions and a budget. If you are interested in being a delegate via online, please let the senior Warden, Kathryn Esgar as soon as possible.   We are entitle to three delegates, three alternates.  Fr Rosa and Deacon Rhoades are voting members of convention by virtue of their ordination and canonical residence.


    Once again we will offer the Blessing of Pets in honor of St  Francis of Assisi.   Francis saw in all living creatures God’s own self.  Tradition says he praise all creatures as brother and sisters under God.  Our observance will begin with Holy Communion at 10:30  a.m. with special prayers, Bible readings.  Pets are invited to attend as long as they are leashed or caged and will not be traumatized by the experience.  At 11:30 am we will move outside on Peoria Ave for walk-up blessings and drive-by blessings.  If the weather is inclement we will instead gather in the undercroft.



  The vestry and committee are working with The Office for Transition Ministry (OTM). They provides support to clergy, laity, bishops, and Diocesan Transition Ministers throughout The Episcopal Church. Along with the Board for Transition Ministry, this office analyzes trends in clergy calls and congregational data and provides support to those in search and call processes.  A Parish Profile is being created and a link to the OTM

forms dealing with compensation, job description, etc will assist clergy to acquaint themselves with St. Luke’s.  


ST LUKE’S DAY October 17

     The feast of title for our parish will be held on Sunday 10/17.  The liturgy will highlight our patron saint and honor him.  We are planning to

have a potluck parish luncheon afterwards.  Mark you calendar and decide upon some dazzling food dish to bring.   



  Autumn is upon us and parishes have always done certain things this time of year.  The Annual Stewardship Campaign, Christian  FormatiClass, Choir Rehearsals are standards plus a.dditonal special eventsORGAN 



Canterbury Concerts opens its 38th Season with a thrilling organ recital on St. Luke’s magnificent 80 rank Howell instrument. 

Since 2010, Mr. Charles Sega has served as principal Organist and Director of the Atonement Choir, Schola, and the St. Cecilia Choir.  During his tenure, the Atonement choir has performed over 25 orchestral masses.The three choirs keep an active repertoire of over 65 choral masses and hundreds of motets. Free Admission. Click HERE to make your FREE reservation! 

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