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Altar Guild

Lay ministers who do the most fundamental and holy part of our common life - tend to and make ready the space and objects and place of Christian worship.

St. Luke's Altar Guild is small but mighty and caring.  A ministry of subtle grace. Thanks be to God for them!

In about 1950 this organized group of parishioners formed the "Altar Guild".  Along the way, a lovely prayer was added;

Grant, O Lord, that we

May handle holy things with reverence and prayer,

And perform our work with such

Faithfulness and devotion that it may rise

With acceptance before you and obtain your blessing, 

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Help needed for the Altar Guild. We will provide  training for this until you are comfortable. And we hear from other Altar Guild people that this job is a great blessing to those who serve.  Talk to Cathy or Fr. Rosa.  Please consider this opportunity.





Cathy Pavesich    Carol Linboom    Kathryn Esgar       Julie Cecchetti


Thank you ladies!!
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