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In Advance, Thank You

The Feast of Christ the King 2022

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ;

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!.

In the "new" post-pandemic world, the importance of financial support of St. Luke's Church is an ever present reality.  Since resuming in-person worship and broadcasting on Facebook, funding our Mission  and Ministry has been challenging.  We have come to rely on the unsolicited generosity of each of you.

The practice of making annual estimates of giving, usually called pledges, helps parish leaders assemble a budget for the next year.  But in reality the parish, like most of you, lives on weekly or monthly income.  This support has maintain St. Luke's because of your loving concern.

We want to acknowledge your kindness, stewardship of time, talents and treasure with our heartfelt appreciation.  We do this in our prayers always as we guide St. Luke's through the current time of transition in calling a new rector.  We  continue to depend on you.

Please join us on Sunday, November 20, following the Holy Eucharist for a Thanksgiving Luncheon in the parish hall.  The Feast of Christ the King rightly affirms our true in God and thankfulness for all the blessings we receive individually and as a community.

Most Sincerely,

Father Tom Rosa, locus tennis


In 2022 we continued to face unprecedented challenges from Covid and the economy, but due to your presence and prayers, support and pledges, we are able to keep offering the sacraments, times of fellowship, regular worship, and a few special events.


Our plans for 2023 are taking shape, and we believe that with your generous continuing help, we can meet our expenses and fund our Mission and Ministry.  Stewardship Sunday is november 20th, and we ask each St. Luke's member and friend to think and pray about their commitment to our beloved parish. 

How to Donate

We are currently arranging for you to be able to "Give Online"

Donate via mail at

St. Luke's Episcopal Church

221 W. Third St

Dixon, IL 61021


St. Luke's Episcopal Church

has a 501 (c) (3) non-profit tax exempt status; our Federal tax ID number is:

We are in the process of seeing if this is viable for us.

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