The Joy of Generosity

Because of the pandemic and empty pews, St. Luke's as well as most churches, have fallen short of income for the past year plus a few months.  We have been forced to use our savings for operations. Because of the pews being empty, the electric, the gas and the water bills continued to come, as well as staff to keep newsletters going and people that support the information needed to be delivered to those that handled the needs of the parish.

When unable to attend church in person we encourage our parishioners to mail in their pledges or adopt online options that will be coming soon.

St. Luke's finance committees and vestry are currently working on creating more online tools for people that would prefer to use online giving.

It will take a bit of time to catch up to utilizing these options.  Before implementing options, we want to be sure they are safe for our congregation and others that would like to give online.

We want our website to designate your gift as a pledge or offering as well as for donations to the Memorial fund, and the building funds.  As time progresses, there will be other designated plans, much like our handicap accessible campaign, our lift fund, and others.

In the meantime of our finding alternant ways for you to give to St. Luke's, please use the old fashion, put it in the plate if you are there or send it by snail mail:  221 W. Second St., and in advance, thank you for your support in keeping St. Luke's alive and viable.