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St. Luke's Weekly Newsletter

Welcome to St. Luke's

221 W. 3rd Street, Dixon, IL 61021



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Week of March 19, 2023

Celebrant: Rev. Thomas Rosa

Deacon: Rev. Mary Ann Rhoades

Crucifer/EM: Luke Nelson

Lector: Gary Gehlbach

Ushers:Gary and Chris Gehlbach

Organist: Ron Weber

Altar Guild: Kathryn Esgar

Coffee Hour: Jim Cecchetti


Today's Humor

Signs of Spring In Ohio, spring is always eagerly awaited after the long, cold winters. When I arrived at work one day in mid-March, I noticed a sign gaily decorated with flowers and butterflies. It read: "Think Spring." The first day of spring blew in with a snowstorm and freezing temperatures, however, and another flowery sign was posted. This time the message read: "Forget Spring. Think Summer."


Prayers of the People

We give thanks for those celebrating Birthdays especially Preston Brantley (25) and those celebrating their anniversaries especially Ted and Barbara Overholt (21).

Prays for healing especially for Fr. Tom, Fr. Tom Lamb, Fr. Richard Kramer, Greg, Lawrence, Kathy, Gail, Bob, John, Andrew and Olivia, Jeanne, Jerry, Steve, Amber, Audrey, Ruth, Rob, Bob, Judy, Mary Ellen, Vicki, Gary, Katie, Steph, Quintin Kennedy and Judith.

We pray for the Homebound, especially Inga Albee and Richard Nobis.

We pray for those who are traveling, especially

We pray for the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, especially for The Vestry and the Search Committee

We pray for those who are Expressing Gratitude, The Very Rev. Thomas Rosa

We pray for those with special needs, especially for Justin.

We pray for all those who have died especially for Myrna Coffey, Roger Linboom and Bob Mueller.

We pray for the safety of ALL serving in the military, especially Christopher and Jason.



The 4th Sunday of Lent, midway in the 40 days, has been a day of celebration within the austere period of Lent. The word for ”rejoice” in Latin is Laetare from the first few words of the introit (entrance proper).

“Rejoice, O Jerusalem… There is a custom to lift the somberness of the season changing vestments to Rose from Purple/Violet on that day. Some people will wear Rose of Pink clothing on Sunday.



An Italian tradition, it celebrates the patronage of Joseph, husband of Mary the Blessed Mother of Jesus and foster father of Jesus. It is a symbolic “thank you” to him. The end of a drought in the Medieval Sicily was attributed to prayer-devotion people made to St. Joseph. Wealth people prepared huge buffets and invited the less fortunate. We will have a luncheon at St Luke’s following the 10:30 Eucharist and serve Lasagna, salad, garlic bread and Cannoli Cake. Thank you to Jim Cecchetti, Junior Warden, for hosting this event



As we reconnect with one another after the Covid-19 pandemic, the coffee hour following the Sunday Service has become an important time of sharing food and catching up with one another on the news of our lives. Sunday March 19 is also the Feast of St Joseph, patron saint of Italy. There will be lasagna and other sides served. Please join us any and every Sunday. Savory and sweet treats are donated by those who sign up on the list. See you there!



The 14 meditations on moments in the Passion of Jesus, are “pauses” as we walk the path to his crucifixion from his trial before the Roman governor to death upon a cross on Golgotha hill. The Rev. Sister Mary Ann Rhoades will lead this worship service at 5:00PM each Friday until Easter. All are welcome at St Luke’s Church.

Devotional and Study Resources For Lent

Lent begins on February 22. The annual time of renewal and preparation for Easter is a 40 day opportunity for spiritual refreshment and rededication. You will find two books on the church information table for you. The familiar "Day by Day" and "Living Well Through Lent" are free to take home. Other online resources can be found at Click on the Newsletter box on the top right and go to the most recent newsletter. Scroll down to Episcopal Church Lent Resources and click on the materials that interest you.



Palm Sunday 10:30AM Eucharist with palm procession

Maundy Thursday 6:30PM Agape Meal and Eucharist

Good Friday 12:00PM noon Liturgy; Stations of the Cross 5:00PM

Easter Day 10:30 Lighting of the new fire, Holy Baptism and Eucharist



An Agape’ is a communal meal shared among Christians. The word for “love” in the broadest sense comes from the Greek term. It is most familiar in Moravian church, a denomination with roots in eastern Europe. We will have an adapted version as our liturgy for Thursday in Holy Week, when Jesus ate his Last Supper with the disciples on the night before he died. Please sign up on the information table in church so we have a count for our preparations.



The second floor of the Ells Building will become a workspace for the library to sort their redundant books and other items to be sold. They are preparing for an interior remodeling of their spaces to repurpose the existing floor plan. Our former choir room and youth game room will be designated for their use. The connection between the church and the Library goes back to c.1900 when Orris B. Dodge donated the land and the stone library building. He was a vestryman at St Luke’s also. A stain glass window dedicated to the memory of his mother is in the church along the street side aisle.



Lee county community level of infection returns to Low. Do be vigilant about your exposure to potential sources of infection.


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