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~We need to take some time and consider the benefits of online worship since we cannot gather in our sanctuary due to the pandemic surges. It is a new thing for most of us. 

Benefit 1: We get to log on and experience Church with little effort at our convenience.

No need to look your best. Perhaps find a spot in the house which is conducive for prayer if watching on a Pad, laptop or phone. However, if you access the video on your large screen TV and speaker system, it’s more lifelike.


2: You control the audio/video and can stop and start to reflect on the readings, sermon, music and prayers. If watching with others pause to discuss what is


being seen, said or taught at that moment. Make notes. 

3. Resolve to end with your own action plan for the week of how you can applythese things in your life and encounters with others. Tell someone about how it affected you. 


~Participation rather than observation will make all the difference. Saying the prayers, responses, even standing, sitting and kneeling along with the “cast” or singing along, as you are able, makes it more real and alive. Trust your memory or download the bulletin or get out a Book of Common Prayer and Hymnal,


The St Luke’s website is https://www.stlukesdixon.org

YouTube Access via organist account: Open YouTube and search for George Karst. There you will videos of his. Look for Advent 3 

~Your own reviews, constructive criticisms or opinions are welcome. Email them to the office, stlukedixon@comcast.net or ask Carol, our parish secretary, you request a phone call from Fr Rosa or Deacon Mary Ann. Arrangements can also be made to have communion brought to your household. 



Because of restrictions on public activities due to the pandemic, we have decided to take a new approach for Ash Wednesday. There will not be a service in the church to mark the start of the season of Lent. Nevertheless, there are two opportunities to participate in the customary imposition of ashes.


First, beginning Monday 2/15, a “Do-It-Yourself” packet can be picked up at the parish office. A kit with blessed ashes and a order of service will be available for you to take home. At your convenience, at best on Ash Wednesday, conduct a simple service for yourself and family. Symbolically you will join with millions across the world in this humble, godly, devotion. If you are unable to pick up your kit, we may be able to deliver it to you. If so, please call the office for more information.


Second, instead of doing “ashes to go” during the week yourself, the imposition of ashes will be offered at the beginning of the in-person Eucharist on Sunday 2/21 at St Luke’s. Fr. Rosa and Deacon Mary Ann will administer ashes to those who wish in a brief ceremony at the beginning of the service. Protocols for safety will be observed under directions given by the Bishop’s staff.


Beginning Sunday, February 21, the Holy Eucharist will be celebrated at 10:30 a.m. it will be an in-person service. The Covid-19 infection percentages have dropped enough to allow gathering together. We must still observe the mandatory social distancing protocols. Everyone will be required to wear a mask, and stay 6 feet or more away from each other. Consequently, every other pew is closed off and signage present with instructions for proper seating. Communion will be distributed according to directions specified by the Bishop’s staff, who clarify for us how to interpret safety regulations.


Please mark your calendar for this reopening. The date is actually the First Sunday in Lent.

If you have any questions or concerns please call the church office and they will be forwarded to someone who has the answers,

NOTE: We plan to broadcast Sunday Eucharist live via St Luke’s Facebook Page. Instructions how to access this will be forthcoming. A recording of the service will also allow participation at a different hour if necessary.


Small gatherings to conduct the business of the Church are being scheduled as we move forward with changes in restrictions due to the pandemic. The Vestry is planning to meet

as has been its custom following the Sunday Eucharist. The Search Committee also resumes

meeting in February.

At these meetings, social distancing, masks, and other protocols will be in place for the safety of participants. However, we will not begin Coffee Hour at this time because people take off masks to eat and drink and are naturally drawn close together and might likely be vulnerable


The Eucharist is celebrated in our church each week and recorded for uploading on our WEBSITE://www.stlukesdixon.org

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/St-Lukes-Church-Dixon-IL-192706913803



AND YOUTUBE: stlukedixon.utube ADDRESSES. A prayer for spiritual communion is included. We have been encouraged by the positive response from parishioners and friends. St. Luke’s is blessed with a very beautiful and photogenic church. Our magnificent pipe organ fills our sacred space will thrilling sounds. The fabric and fixtures accumulated over many years is a reminder of the significance this congregation has had in the lives of people, past and present. God willing, your commitments will provide a place for meaningful encounters with the Risen One whose love changes everything.

Keeping Lent

“Forty Days and Forty Nights” so begins a traditional hymn for the season of Lent.  It is almost a dirge, mournful and somber.   During the  past year the pandemic has curtailed, cancelled and destroyed much of what we call normal.   How much more can we give up” 

We are feeling so tired and deprived, even depressed already.  Traditional  Lenten exercises of fasting, abstinence, self-denial and penitence can hardly be considered after what we’ve been through.   But those thing are part of this season because, ultimately, they bring us closer to God after all that is Lent’s purpose. These disciplines remove the barriers and obstacles that are getting between you and God. Whatever is blocking you from God’s love and activity in your life, Lent invites you to confess it and make amends.  

Just about every religion has some period of cleansing, renewal, and rededication in order to experience more fully the blessings, guidance and meaningfulness given from God.  Let’s  open the door to a closer relationship with God.  God is pouring out on us Grace abundantly every day.  Break away from the things that tie you down and grab, gather, and seize hold of divine love’s power to heal, transform and enrich your life.  

Lent is here because we need it.   Doing so will ready us for Easter Joy and newness of life.  


St. Luke’s values and encourages a diversity of people who are reflective of the kingdom of God.

In accordance with our Baptismal Covenant, we strive “To respect the dignity of every human being” by welcoming, validating, and supporting all persons, whatever their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, health status, physical ability, marital status,

or stage of spiritual journeying.

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