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~We need to take some time and consider the benefits of online worship since we cannot gather in our sanctuary due to the pandemic surges. It is a new thing for most of us. 

Benefit 1: We get to log on and experience Church with little effort at our convenience.

No need to look your best. Perhaps find a spot in the house which is conducive for prayer if watching on a Pad, laptop or phone. However, if you access the video on your large screen TV and speaker system, it’s more lifelike.


2: You control the audio/video and can stop and start to reflect on the readings, sermon, music and prayers. If watching with others pause to discuss what is


being seen, said or taught at that moment. Make notes. 

3. Resolve to end with your own action plan for the week of how you can applythese things in your life and encounters with others. Tell someone about how it affected you. 


~Participation rather than observation will make all the difference. Saying the prayers, responses, even standing, sitting and kneeling along with the “cast” or singing along, as you are able, makes it more real and alive. Trust your memory or download the bulletin or get out a Book of Common Prayer and Hymnal,


The St Luke’s website is https://www.stlukesdixon.org

YouTube Access via organist account: Open YouTube and search for George Karst. There you will videos of his. Look for Advent 3 

~Your own reviews, constructive criticisms or opinions are welcome. Email them to the office, stlukedixon@comcast.net or ask Carol, our parish secretary, you request a phone call from Fr Rosa or Deacon Mary Ann. Arrangements can also be made to have communion brought to your household. 


A special video will be available online on Thursday Dec. 24 of Midnight Mass from St Luke’s. We are pre-recording the service on the Monday before. The church will be decorated for our celebration, music will be enhanced, the traditional sights and sounds of the Season are to be yours. Plan to watch and participate in the celebration of the birth of our Savior and Redeemer. We definitely “need a little Christmas” to conclude this tumultuous year.


It’s been a quiet stewardship campaign this year. We hope our letter and pledge card reached you recently. We all are getting so many appeals for support from charities that it can be overwhelming. All these causes are no doubt beneficial, but they have the support of much broader base that St Luke’s Parish. We only have you to fund the Mission and Ministry we are offering during a these trying times due to the pandemic The mitigations and limitations imposed on us have given us an opportunity to “think outside the box” and ensure the vitality and future of St. Luke’s

The vestry needs to present a budget at the Annual Meeting in January. We are working on a virtual online meeting to offer. Meanwhile, your consideration of 2021 financial support and the sharing of your Time and Talents give us the confidence we need to make plans and carry on as we are able.

The goal for returning pledge cards is December 20th  Thank you.


St. Luke’s values and encourages a diversity of people who are reflective of the kingdom of God.

In accordance with our Baptismal Covenant, we strive “To respect the dignity of every human being” by welcoming, validating, and supporting all persons, whatever their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, health status, physical ability, marital status,

or stage of spiritual journeying.

Coming Soon to St. Luke's

 Book Club Meeting 

Dear Book Lusters, With the rise of Covid 19 and the increasing restrictions on gatherings, it seems judicious to postpone any further face to face meetings until things improve.  Therefore, we will NOT meet next week as originally scheduled.  The Grace Church rector, the Rev Lori Lowe, has volunteered the services of her husband, the Rev Bill McLemore, to conduct future meetings via Zoom, if our members would like to meet that way.  Deb Duerst has volunteered to contact members to see if they want to do that. We will let you know of further developments.

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