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Now More Than Ever, 

We Need Jesus


Join us to Observe Lent and to “Gatherings”


February 23 through March 29:

Stations of the Cross every Friday during LENT.  5:00 

Walk with us at St. Luke’s each Friday afternoon as we are led through the               scriptures to meditate and pray the Way of the Cross. 

Led by Deacon Mary Ann                     Rhoades


February 25:   Lent II 10:30am Mass


February 25:   Sunday, 5:00pm, Canterbury Concert, “Early Music Ensemble” 


March 3:     Lent III 10:30am Mass


March 10:    Lent IV (Return of Daylight Savings Time) Mass 10:30 am


March 17:    Lent V Mass 10:30pm



March 10:     Sunday, 5:00pm Canterbury Concert, “Solemn Evensong”




March 19:    “Gathering” 6:00pm Simple Supper, 6:30pm Program by Amber Schmidt of  Discover Dixon.  Learn about what Discover Dixon  does.  Everyone welcome





March 24:     Palm / Passion Sunday

We celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, waving palm branches         and shouting, “Hosanna!” Then as we hear the solemn reading of the Passion          Gospel, sing the solemn hymns, and partake of the Holy Eucharist, we feel                  Christ’s pain  and suffering as we understand that the Way of the Cross will lead to sorrow and death.


March 28:     Maundy / Thursday

We join together as we symbolically recreate Christ’s Last Supper.  We have       fellowship, we taste the sacrificial food and wine, and we wash each other’s                  hands.  Then, as the meal is cleared away the the Altar is stripped bare, we                quietly depart to meditate and pray.


March 31:    Easter Sunday Mass  10:30am

With joyful Alleluias, we proclaim the miracle of Christ’s Resurrection! We hear  the jubilant ringing of the bells, sing and shout “He is Risen”As we hear the sermon and celebrate the Holy Eucharist, we know beyond a doubt that Jesus died for our sins, and that He is coming again in glory.



April 1st — May 19 The Great Fifty Days

 Easter is only the beginning! As we explore the mystery of the empty tomb, Celebrate Christ’s Ascension, and witness the Dayof Pentecost, we continue to     experience the victory of God’s Grace, mercy, and love.  We invite you to grow with us during the weeks of Eastertide, as we learn  how to put our faith into action.




May 5th:     Sunday, 6:00pm : Canterbury Concert,

40th Anniversary Gala”






St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Dixon, Illinois
221 W. 3rd Street, Dixon, IL 61021
815 288-2151 
The ramp is on the 3rd Street entrance by the alley.
Also, there is a undercroft door on the ground level toward the left of the Peoria entrance. It is a brick  pathway that leads to the undercroft door. O
nce inside there will be people to direct you to the lift.


St. Luke's Traditional Worship Begins at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday morning. Please join us in person

or the service streamed live on the Facebook page,

St. Luke's Church - Dixon,IL


The Very Rev.Thomas Rosa


Deacon, Rev.

Mary Ann Rhoades


St. Luke’s is a faith community which maintains a fairly high church liturgical tradition and embraces the theological progressive views of the Episcopal Church.  Music is an integral part of our worship experience as most services include sung masses, hymns, and choral anthems.  


We continue with superb organ literature as preludes, postludes and meditations throughout the Eucharist. The Organ has recently been tuned and further upgraded in the last few weeks. The brilliant Festival Trumpette en chamade over the Nave doorway has added thrilling sounds in particular at pivotal moments during our worship. We are blessed to have such a versatile instrument.


While Our Organist Ron Weber recovers, our parish will be blessed with an excellent organist,  Rev. Robert Bates. He has played  before and everyone loves his talented music.  Thank you, Bob!

Please join us

Coffee Hour right after mass, in the Undercroft (downstairs)

Fellowship, snacks and coffee!

Please consider signing up to be the "giver" of coffee hour.  Count on about 25 people. Coffee will be prepared. Bring something light for a snack. Fruit, muffins, cheese, anything light.  It need not be a banquet.  The important part is fellowship, and food is always welcome. 


Current Vestry Members 2024

Mary Paligra, Luke Nelson, Jim Cechetti, (junior warden)

Tanya Brooks, Linda Brantley, Kurt Nelson,

Kathryn Esgar(senior warden)

Now More Than Ever

We Need JESUS    

Please join us for some, or all services at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Dixon


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