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Coming up at St. Luke's

October 6:  Vestry Meeting with Dr. Ron Weber; Friday evening, Seminar overview


October 7:  Discipleship Seminar.  Congregational meeting, Saturday, 9:00 a.m. -- 3:00 p.m., led by Dr. Ron Weber; with light breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack

October 8: Pet Blessing, after mass in undercroft


October ___:   Vestry Follow-up meeting, Seminar review 


October 22:  St. Luke's Day Festival service with Choral Eucharist [transferred from October 18] 

November 5:  All Saints Evensong; Canterbury concert


November 12:  Vestry Meeting


November 17--18:  Diocesan Convention, Westin Hotel, Lombard


November 26:  Christ the King Festival service with pledge ingathering


December 3:  Advent begins


December 10:  Vestry Meeting


December 17:  Festival of Lessons and Carols; Canterbury concert


December 24:  Advent IV:  Christmas Eve


December 25:  Christmas Day


January 6:  Madrigal Dinner, catered in undercroft with Dr. Ron Weber and choristers; public invited, Tickets $50;  Volunteers needed for set-up & cleanup


January 13:  Vestry Meeting


St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Dixon, Illinois
221 W. 3rd Street, Dixon, IL 61021
815 288-2151 
The ramp is on the 3rd Street entrance by the alley.
Also, there is a undercroft door on the ground level toward the left of the Peoria entrance. It is a brick  pathway that leads to the undercroft door. Once inside
there will be people to direct you to the lift. 



We are ready for fall. another beautiful season from our Creator.

St. Luke's Traditional Worship Begins at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday morning. Please join us in person for the service streamed live on the Facebook page,

St. Luke's Church - Dixon,IL


Fr. Thomas Rosa


Deacon Mary Ann Rhoades

Our many thanks to Dolores Kustom for the interesting program on the first years of the development of St. Luke's.  It was well attended and appreciated by all.

This was our first GATHERING.

Watch here for October GATHERING announcement.


A year or so ago one of the four crosses on the four pinnacles of the tower was struck by lightening and fell off.  This September we were able to have one made, and to make a long story short, had it replaced. It was one of the back side of the four.  The task required a crane (left image). and for 3 people to climb up the tower from the inside, install scaffolding to reach the area and replace the new cross. Image on the right shows a man (orange sweatshirt on top of the tower) ready to accept the scaffolding, build it and climb it to place the newly made cross in place. More images to follow. This was a project that was coordinated by Jim Cechetti, our Jr Warden, and was paid for by our insurance company.

Please join us Coffee Hour right after mass, in the Undercroft (downstairs)

Fellowship, snacks and coffee!

Please consider signing up to be the "giver" of coffee hour.  Count on about 25 people. Coffee will be prepared. Bring something light for a snack. Fruit, muffins, cheese, anything light.  It need not be a banquet.  The important part is fellowship, and food is always welcome. 


Please continue to pray for

Bishop Curry.

St. Luke’s is a faith community which maintains a fairly high church liturgical tradition and embraces the theological progressive views of the Episcopal Church.  Music is an integral part of our worship experience as most services include sung masses, hymns, and choral anthems.  


We continue with superb organ literature as preludes, postludes and meditations throughout the Eucharist. The Organ has recently been tuned and further upgraded in the last few weeks. The brilliant Festival Trumpette en chamade over the Nave doorway has added thrilling sounds in particular at pivotal moments during our worship. We are blessed to have such a versatile instrument.

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