St. Luke's Episcopal Church        Dixon, IL
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St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 221 West Third Street, Dixon, IL  61021  (815) 288-2151,
The photographs on this page reflect the vibrant community life that we share at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Dixon.  They also reflect the beauty of our space and our liturgy.  We pray that you will come and see for yourself that which no photograph can completely capture: the sense and the presence and peace of God.
ARTWORK by Linda Von Holten
Enjoy our member artist's work, displayed in our undercroft.
The Christ window on east end of
St. Luke's Episcopal Church.
Bee Martin, member of St. Luke's 
turns 104 years young.
Fr Tom Rosa, Easter 2017 pre and during procession. Photos by Sarah Nelson
Pre-Vacation Bible School picnic.  There were bouncy houses, games, prizes, and a picnic lunch for all.

As St. Luke's re-energizes it's ever important Sunday School, we invite PARENTS to read parts of this study by 2009 Barna's survey on long term effects of active participation...
    Increase the average life expectancy of your children by 8 years
    Significantly reduce your child's use and risk from Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs
    Dramatically lower their risk of suicide
    Help them rebound from depression 70% faster
    Dramatically reduce their risk for committing a crime
    Improve their attitude at school and increase their their school participation
    Reduce their risk for rebelliousness
    Reduce the likelihood that they would binge drink in college
    Improve their odds for a "very happy" life
                                                                            Barna's Survey - 2009
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