St. Luke's Episcopal Church        Dixon, IL
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About St. Luke's Episcopal Church
St. Luke's is a part of the worldwide Anglican communion, in the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.  We are part of Christ's one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, which has carried on the work of Jesus Christ for nearly two thousand years.

Our Sunday worship is the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, also called the Mass.  During this service, we gather together to hear God's Word in Holy Scripture, to pray together, and to celebrate the Liturgy of the Lord's Supper, or Holy Communion.
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Our space is sometimes used for outside events, for example the Dixon Rotary Club meets weekly in the undercroft.  This meeting was held upstairs with the Dixon High School Madrigal Choir.
One of the most popular, are the Canterbury Concerts.

The Anglican Communion has a rich  musical heritage.  Cathedral evensong, polyphony by Byrd and Gibbons, anthems by Tallis, rousing oratorios by Handel, the best-loved hymns of Wesley and Vaughan Williams, and the stately music of Elgar are just some of the highlights of our tradition.  This tradition is strong at St. Luke's, where music and the spoken word combine to strengthen each other and provide a focused and meaningful worship experience.  We are blessed to have a variety of musical and liturgical elements as part of our regular schedule.  Our main Sunday service features the best-loved hymns of each season of the Church year, led by talented organists and a gifted choir.

​Fr. Wesley Hills, Priest

Ross Jallo, Organist and Choir Director

Randall Karstens, Organist and Organ Technician

Gary Gehlbach, Treasurer

Marina Carrott, Financial Secretary

Ruth Rendleman and Dolores Kustom, Historians

 St. Luke's 2017 Vestry
Sarah Nelson, Senior Warden
Roger Linboom, Jr. Warden
Gary Gehlbach, Treasurer

Vestry Members
Gary Gehlbach
Luke Nelson
Ben Nelson
Michelle Spinden
Curt Schmitt